Eiwa 27 – Dragons’ Migration

What is the most exciting gift for a child on his birthday? Well, if the child is a boy, he’s surreally loved an adventure. Grandpa and Grandma give me those gifts for my birthday this year, well technically, this is my first birthday. The first gift is a Lunar-scope. This scope can have anyone to … Lanjutkan membaca Eiwa 27 – Dragons’ Migration

Eiwa 26 – Do you forget?

Before I realize it, again, months flew away since the last incident. Fortunately, the village has no newspaper. Otherwise, there will be a headline ‘Baby Eiwa knocked out from overeating at Village Night Feast!’ What a shame, not because of the headline, but I yet tasted the whole buffet. Suddenly, I heard from Mother that … Lanjutkan membaca Eiwa 26 – Do you forget?

Eiwa 21 – The Enlightened Celestial Maiden Flower

Countless eons ago, within Padmaloka, there was a celestial pond, filled with the eternal life energy. Many kinds of Padma—water lily grew there. It made breathtaking, sacred scenery. One of the Padma was the oldest, it big enough that its spirit core has sufficient dimensional space for a person to take leisure within. Yes, there … Lanjutkan membaca Eiwa 21 – The Enlightened Celestial Maiden Flower

Eiwa 19 – A Conversation Between Aunt and Niece

Gathering and celebration, even the village chief himself arranged the party at the village square tonight. They villager bring their best culinary skills, sweet juice, local bread, exceptional wine, and fragrant meats were part where traditional music brighten the night. It seemed that father and mother were helping this village a lot in the past. … Lanjutkan membaca Eiwa 19 – A Conversation Between Aunt and Niece