Eiwa 24 – I am too lazy

Have you ever in that kind of situation where people recognize you wrongly? Later they said it as an uncanny resemblance. It was an unpleasant experience. I didn’t see why, but I think I got that feeling from the spirit I summoned.

Ione also shocked, but she was frightened by looking at the Spirit Queen’s reaction toward Eiwa.

“Your Highness, do you perhaps recognize my little Brother?” Ione spoke a trembling voice, she was afraid his little brother had done mischief thing before, who knew what this petite troublemaker had done with his summoning capability?

Perhaps he accidentally summoned a high leveled lily spirit to buy him a jar of violet-cane honey.

I did casually summon her, but she looked at me as looking for a long-lost child. What a strange summoned spirit.

The spirit scrutinized me before urging, “Child, what was your name?”

‘O shit! I just called in a forgetful spirit! O my, perhaps my abilities become so dull since I am enjoying some much cane-based sweet liquor lately.’

“Who are you calling a forgetful spirit?” Something must be snapped within the spirit head.

“Eiwa!” Ione yelled at me.

But I was surprised by another thing. ‘You can understand me?’ I looked at the spirit.

“Why can’t I understand you?” She smiled, but that is not a spirited smile, it is devilish.

‘Well, at least it is good I summoned a spirit that understands me. Who is your name?’

“Master can call me, Lily.” She smiled.

‘Oh, what kind of spirit are you, Lily?’

“I am a Sacred Seven-Golden-Petalled Lotus, Master. The one that will obey your every order without hesitation and lay her life wholly for you?”

‘Really?’ this was exceptionally wonderful.

“No…!” Ione yelled again, “Your Highness Queen of all Spirits, please do not listen to him, this rascal would lone cause you many troubles.”

‘Oi, oi, my elder sister, please don’t smear your little brother’s reputation, just like people said, rum didn’t brew in a single night. Don’t you recognize that my reputation was built by sweat and blood six long months?’

Lily giggled when catching my expression.

‘Then Lily, please do something for me.’

“Just say it, Master.”

‘My sister is afraid of being bullied in school that she will attend in two years, so I’ve promised her to train her into Saint Mage realm before it. Can you do the training in my stead?’

“Well, do Master permit training in hellish-mode?”

‘Any sacrifice is necessary.’

“Then consider it done.”

“No…!” a girl was furious, “Eiwa you assured me to instruct me by yourself, why you dash away now?”

I glanced at her, ‘I am too lazy.’

With a snap of my fingers, I teleported myself away.


The room became quiet. Ione seemed disheartened.

“Girl, do you hate I become your tutor?” Lily smiled asked Ione.

Ione shook her head, “Who in this whole realm would hate become a student under your wing, Your Majesty.”

“So, why seem to be disappointed?”

“Well, Eiwa seems to be lonely, he doesn’t interact with people. I knew he just a baby, but…, he is not like other babies. I am worried. I would like to stay with him longer.”

“He always like that, if you spend more time in the future, then you will understand him.” Lily looked at the wall and said, “Well, ear dropping isn’t a good example for children. Would you all come out?”

Three ladies came from behind the doors. Ione is a bit surprised since she didn’t detect any presence before.

“It was an honor for us to meet the Eternal Billions of Lilies Queen, the protectors of our last sanctuary. My name is Floretta Yvonne, the mother of Eiwa, these two are my sister, Marija Hadewig and Paulina Hyacinthe.”

“We will have a long conversation, why don’t we find a better place?”

“As you wish, Your Highness.”

Everybody went to an arbor at the backyard and having a seat,. Mari was, as usual, preparing for tea for all, including Ione.

“Then let me introduce myself to you. I only have a plain name that my master gave me, that’s Lily. The Three Realms knew me as Eternal Billion of Lilies Queen or the Tenth Spirit Empress. But today I am the maid of a master that calls me to his side.”

Lily spoke in a tranquil voice, it made everybody calm yet didn’t find a right reply it at once.

“Lady Yvonne, you must have a question or two, don’t you?”

She nodded, “Yes indeed, Your Majesty, I have….”

“Wait, in here, please refer me just by my given name, Lily.”

“I am also a member of a people that receive your grace in the Last Sanctuary, I prefer to address you with your honorific. But, since you demand it, I’ll call you Lily, but please just call me Flo in return.”

“But you are the mother of my Master, I can’t address you like that. But I can address you as Mistress, and I will address your son as Young Master from now on.”

Lina, Mari, and Ione almost dropped their jaws. This is one of the strongest existences in the Three Realms.

Even the Origin Monarch was the only ruler of Edwena, he wouldn’t dare to raise his head in front of such a character, but now this Empress of Spirits proposed to call their Lady as Mistress.

Then the young lady sighed, “Very well, I knew that continue persuading you will lead this conversation nowhere. So, Lily, what is your connection with my son before today?”

It was a direct question, holding nothing back.

“He is my Young Master and will always be.” Lily smiled.

A mother felt confused now, “No, I mean before he summoned you today, Lily?”

“He is my Young Master and always will be.”


Four of the listeners now on the verge of collapsing. Did the baby was swapped when we didn’t see it? Just, since when our baby Eiwa became a Young Master of such influence figure?

“Will you let us know the story behind it?”



“I am too lazy to.”

Four others were speechless. So, when people said like the master, like the summon, it actually made sense now.