Eiwa 25 – Happiness and Misery

A week after the incidental high-leveled spirit summing. I found that Mother, Mari, Lina, sat with a solemn expression and looked at the darkening Eastern horizon.

‘What was their thinking?’

As soon as I noticed they see the same point somewhere in the skyline belt, I got curious and gave a look at it too.

There was a bright star, shining brightly, I understood, ‘This…? Isn’t this the mythical Supreme Goddess Star—the Fionnuala Star? I believe it has ten thousand years of the cycle, and it was believed as an excellent omen. But why Mom looks so serious?’

I tried to remember any astrological records that Mother put in our house, but I couldn’t think any severe matter about this? Perhaps since it’s already ten thousand years, people forget about it, or there is merely no wide-ranging record since the beginning.

“Did they say that today is the day?” Mother asked with a deep tone, it was like asking about life and death matter.

“Yes Milady, according to their calculation it should be today, if not tonight it is,” Lina answered with the same tone.

“But to precisely happening under the star of Supreme Goddess, this is beyond our calculation,” Mari added, again with the same tone.

Mother gripped her fist, “Tch, therefore we should not give the decide making to men, especially when they went out for thirst-quencher.”

“Perhaps the star didn’t connect to our worry, Milady?” Lina said with expectation.

Mother shook her head, “If there is no star like now, we may have a fifty percent chance of a way out. But by the fact of that star comes out of nowhere, and by that this little rascal is here.” Mother looked at me, “We can be a hundred percent sure, what we worried about would definitely come.”

‘Mother! I do not emit a disaster magnetic field.’

Another voice surprisingly added, “Do you have any connection to the Star?”

It was Lily who came from nowhere, she already standing behind me.

“We hope not, but it cannot be that simple.” Mother sighed.

“Undeniably.” Now, Lily ogled at me.


“You should prepare yourself. Unlike me, the Supreme Goddess Fionnuala just pain the ass.” Lily shuddered before she left.

‘What was that now? I don’t even know the Supreme Goddess?’


Euphoria blanketed all the citizen of Glaedwine Kingdom.

A princess is born under the Star of Supreme Goddess, the second daughter of Glaedwine Crown Prince, Archelaus Taner and Duchess of Wassa, Lunete Sigilind Cyneburg.

It said, when the prince is born, the Star of Supreme Goddess shining at its brightest. Seven Heavenly Peafowls were dancing charmingly above the Royal Palace.

Both were the sign of everlasting prosperity and virtuous life.

The Royal High Priest with His Majesty the King blessed the daughter of the Kingdom by named her Priscila Eileen Taner.

Royal families would call her as Priscila, the nobles and aristocrats would address her as Milady Eileen, and commoners would hail her as Second Little Princess.

The whole kingdom celebrates her birth. The Royal Palace had a banquet. The cities threw parties. Even villager has their own feast.


Violet Cane Villager also rejoicing this joyful news.

The Village Chief invite everybody for a night festivity at the village hall this night, and he said, “Don’t forget to bring your finest food and beverage!”

Our family is also invited. Since Mother is a kind of Lady of the village, she must come; and as her only son—I should be there too. In the end, except for Lily—Heaven knows where she is right now—who is absent.

Ione was the most determined one. I didn’t know what kind of trainer Lily gave her. But she sure was looking forward to each holiday.

“Oh, look, everyone, My Lady is here.” A villager shouted. “My lady, please come here.” Another one gave an invitation to the chief and elders took their seats.

“Thank you, everyone.” Then she handed me over to Ione, “Mari, Lina, Ione, please take care Eiwa, you all may enjoying this night by yourselves. I’ll take the role of babysitting the old men and women tonight. There are many delicious culinary in here, and Eiwa, please behave yourself.”

‘Don’t worry Mom, I am the most good-natured gentlemen above the earth.’

Mother laughed and walked to the front seats leaving us behind.

I gave a hand signal to Mari and Lina, so they help me collected the best nourishment on the stalls; they quickly left after knowing what I mean.

Ione now raises me up on her shoulder so I can see higher without the need to be hovering around.

‘Oh, my heaven, it’s a honeyed grilled pig.’


Something knockout my head.

“Ouch, why your head is so hard?” Ione said with a grimaced face, “By the way, you should ask before you took something that belongs to someone else!”

‘O dear, here comes the lecture.’

“What do you mean lecture? You never learn, do you?” She wanted to hit him again but afraid of her hand getting hurts, then she bowed to the aunty who responsible for taking care of the food stall. “I am sorry aunty, my little brother is irreverent, he is just a baby.”

“Ha…, ha…, ha…, it is okay Young Lady Ione. We all here love your little Brother, besides this is a fest where everybody can take whatever they want to eat or drink from any both.”

The aunty took some wrapping and put the honeyed grilled pig in it, “Here Little Eiwa, this is for you.”

I grabbed it before too late, and smiled to the aunty, ‘Thank you, aunty, you are so nice.’

Before Ione get angry again, I put a rasher on her mouth and enjoying the rest.

The aunty and everybody else, who looked at us were laughing.

“Eiwa, if my youngest son were as smart as you, I would ask him to pursue to Second Little Prince when he grew up, who know he has a chance.”

The chief suddenly came out of nowhere.

Ione was flabbergasted, “Why is everyone from a couple days ago talking about becoming in-law to the kingdom Uncle?”

“Eh, Little Miss, you don’t get it. Our King is a benevolence one, he wouldn’t mind having in-law from a commoner.” He laughed while sipping his ale.

“Will everybody tries then?”

“I am afraid is not that simple. I just got news last evening, that the newborn Princess already betrothed.”

‘Oh, that was not strange that Prince or Princess is being betrothed.’

“Why are you commenting like this, do you feel pity, little Bro? You want to marry the princess too?”

‘Bah, you wish. Who wants to be a political chess piece.’

Again, everybody was laughing hard.

“So, Mr. Village Chief, who is the groom to be?”

“Hey…, Little Miss, since when do you love gossiping?”

“He…, he…, look around you Mr. Chief, I am not the only one who get curious. I am just representing those restless souls.”

Then many loud laughs sounded again.

“Bah, you little mischief. I heard the Second Little Princess was betrothed to the son of Crown Prince’s closest friend. That damn lucky son should be the grandchild of two most famous characters in our kingdom, one is the head-teacher of Royal Magic and Knight Academy, and the grandchild of Grand General of Royal Army.”

‘Wait, I think I’ve ever heard about this damned lucky son before. Why his circumstance sound so familiar?’


“Eh…! Eiwa…! What is happening to you?” I only heard Ione faint sound calling me. “Aunty Flo! Eiwa fainted because of overeating again.”