Eiwa 26 – Do you forget?

Before I realize it, again, months flew away since the last incident. Fortunately, the village has no newspaper. Otherwise, there will be a headline ‘Baby Eiwa knocked out from overeating at Village Night Feast!’ What a shame, not because of the headline, but I yet tasted the whole buffet.

Suddenly, I heard from Mother that Grandma and Grandpa would visit us.

‘Eeee…, after that long time, they finally remember that they have a grandson?’

Nothing big particularly happen during this time.

Lily, as usual, she came and gone. If she came, Ione would become a sweating doll. If the Queen Spirit left, Ione would dance all day. Ione already reached Middle Tier Grand Mage last week, she was happy, yet worry about the next level practice, but also didn’t want to give up.

Every time Lily returned, she always brings me to book that not yet on our family collection. So, I spend more time reading these new things called fantasy literature.

Mother was building a private school for free by the request of the villagers. All the children now spend around two or three times every week to attend a class of six hours each time with two quarter-hour breaks.

Those children are learning about how to read, write, etiquette, simple math, logic, natural science, survival tips in the wild  – which is an idea from Lina, also for those who are interested, they can learn introduction to magic.

As the former Dean of Classical Scriptures, Mother sure knows how to teach these children.

Since the school building next to our home, Mother did not worry for us, she even said, ‘Well, my son is growing up fast. I won’t worry again about his future.’


A couple of days later, an old man and woman arrived at the village. They are my grandfather and grandmother.

Mari and Lina waited at the village entrance for both arrivals.

“Master Albert, Madam Corrine, welcome. We shall escort both of you.”

“Ha…, ha…, ha…, enough for the formalities you two. You know we don’t like it. Come, take us to visit our cute grandson.”

“Yes Master, Madam.”

Along the way, the villagers were greeting grandmother and grandfather warmly. They seemed to know that today, the family of the lady would come to visit.


I sat at the veranda and reading the new book that Lily brought this morning.

“Eiwa, my little Eiwa, is that you dear?” An old female sound.

I turned my head, and I show grandma and grandpa. I run to them excitedly.

‘Grandma…! Grandpa…!’

“Ho…, ho…, my good Grandson, look at you, why you become thinner? Don’t you like the food over here?”

Grandpa…, Grandma…, you know me the best!

“Father, Mother-in-law, please do not spoil him too much. We are struggling so he didn’t get any fatter.”

Mother came to our living room, she smiled and gave warm hugs to Grandpa and Grandma.

Grandma said with a small laugh, “Hey…, it is good for him to get a little chubby. We knew you didn’t bring him here, so he doesn’t get spoiled, but we also do not wish he turn undernourishment.”

“Don’t worry Mom, we make sure he still got his meal at least three times a day plus snack. And Ione is a great help for monitoring this rascal.”

When Grandma and Grandpa looked at the little girl beside Mother, they were a bit surprised.

“Are you the daughter of Alina and Stewart?”

Grandpa asked with a soft voice.

“Sir, do you know my father and mother?”

Grandpa gave her a warm smile, “A pair of Lapis Lazuli-like pupils only come the pure royal blood of Western Holy Taiga. Your eyes just like your parents. If they see you grow into such a fine young lady, your parents would be very proud of you.”

Seeing Ione seemed down when she there is talk about her parents, Grandma takes the turn to console her, “Your parents are great people, nothing would harm her, even we don’t know where they now, we know they are alive.”

“They are alive?” Ione looks surprised. “Aunt Flo, my parents are alive?” She looked back at Mother.

“Yes, sweetheart, I didn’t tell you before since I am afraid that you would think I only console you after all those situations you were in. You are a smart child, but being smart also has a shortage, you consider and almost calculate everything. I don’t say it badly, but you are not mature enough for your gift.”

Ione nodded her head, “Yes, I understand Aunty Flo.” Then she looked again at Grandpa and Grandma, “How do you sure that my parents still alive? I mean no disrespect, but I just want to know.”

Grandma laughed, “Our family has something that called the soul tablets. Within soul tablets, we can preserve someone mana that connected to their soul ethereal channel. Only of soul shattered, the preserve mana will still there be showed that the person is still alive.”

“Then my parents…?”

“Yes, we have your parent soul tablets.” Grandpa gave a big smile.

“You have everyone soul tablets?”

“Well, not everyone. Just those who close to us. Expect is not working for everybody.”

Grandpa looked at me while shook his head.

‘What…? Why do you look at me like that?’

“Ara, did you forget it, that after tried a hundred soul tablets, they were all burned to dust after trying to contact your soul ethereal channel.” Mother ogled me.

‘Ah, yes, those low-quality goods…, I mean… what was that? I didn’t recall something like that.’

“Oh, there are stone tablets in this little world?”

A sound came from the front door.

It was Lily; she held a large-sized jar full of honey. She dressed like a village girl.

But in the eyes of Grandma and Grandpa, this girl is not that simple as she looks.

“Oh, you are back Master?” Ione look happy, yet she was anxious.

“This is your Master?” Grandpa asked Ione while looking at Lily.

Lily put down the jar with a squelch on the wooden floor.

“I am sorry for not introducing myself, you both must be Young Master Eiwa’s Grandfather and Grandmother. I am Lily, Young Master Eiwa’ Summoned Spirit. It nice to meet both of you.”

Lily bowed down, humbly.

“Eiwa, you can summon a spirit?” Grandma could hardly believe it. “As she is a high intelligence spirit above all.”

‘I think it was just a flux, I can’t summon any other spirit again after that.’

Ione helped to become a translator for me since Grandpa and Grandma didn’t seem to understand what I said with my eyes.

“Really?” Than Grandma look at Lily, “Young Miss, you must come from upper realms, we don’t have a record of highly intelligence spirit in our world, and you know about soul tablets. You have taken care for our family well, thank you so much.”

Grandma and Grandpa gave a bow in return.

“No, Sir and Madam, please don’t do so. I am just no one but my Young Master’s maid.”

In that time, Ione whispered something to both Grandpa and Grandma.

“EEH! She is the legendary Immortal Spirit Empress?”

A shock and awe clearly showed on Grandpa and Grandma’s face. Just what kind of method did their grandson used to summon the top chain of spirit word pyramid’s peak of power?

“It is just what other people address me, you don’t have to.” Then she looked at men, “Young Master, I am bringing you a lot of honey from around the empire and the neighborhood empires too.”

‘Eee…, why did you search for a lot of honey?’

“But Young Master, did you forget it? Tomorrow is your birthday. This is my gift for you.”

‘Oh, I forgot…, thanks.’ I sampled some honey.

“Ahem, speaking of your birthday. We also delivered you some gifts, but first, there is a gift from Your Majesty the King for you.” Grandma added.

‘Eh…, why the King gave me a gift?’

Ione gave a fast translation response.

“Oh, did you forget, you were coronated as Prince of the Kingdom.”

‘A yes…’ I hit my right fist to my left palm vertically.

“And this is the token of your betrothal to Priscilla.”


“The Second Little Princess, who else.”


“Aunt Flo! Eiwa collapse again after overeating honey.”

“Ara…, ara…”