Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arunametta?

Arunametta is a website containing short fictions as web novel.

Who own Arunametta?

Arunametta is built, maintained, and owned by Cahya (yes, it is a private site).

Is Arunametta free?

In short, the content is provided for free to read. But anything beyond that is not free as in free lunch. Please refer to copyright notice for further information.

Why the update is slow?

The owner is a lazy ass! Ahem, the owner has his own full-time job, writing fiction just part of his hobby (beside photography, and consuming a lot of wuxia or xanxia literatures).

Can I also write here?

Yes, you can! But the owner won’t likely pays you. So, if you just simply want to write your fiction or translating other fictions, please fell free to contact the owner or read the guest-writer section.

And you also don’t need to pay the owner to write here, just his “O.K” would suffice.

The navigation is suck, why?

Friend, this is a free website (build on WordPress). Transferring from old CMS is suck (and made many messy situation), and the owner can’t afford upgrade to provide better reading navigation.

Until the dream to upgrade this site comes true, please be patient with current navigation (we also provide a list of content on each story/novel main page).

Can I help you?

It would be our pleasure. While this site is free, but the domain is not, and neither the network. You may help us with a bit(not-coin) donation to support this site’s operational cost.