Eiwa 27 – Dragons’ Migration

What is the most exciting gift for a child on his birthday? Well, if the child is a boy, he’s surreally loved an adventure. Grandpa and Grandma give me those gifts for my birthday this year, well technically, this is my first birthday.

The first gift is a Lunar-scope. This scope can have anyone to see clearly for as far as 50 km under the moonlight. And the second gift is a dragon compass. This compass can help to find the location of an obscure dragon or the hidden one within a cave, jungle, or under the sea.

Accompanying the two gifts is a piece of news about dragon migration. Every 500 years, dragons would migrate from far North to the Southern Sea. And that will happen again this year exactly around a week from today they will pass near our village.


On a top of the grass-covered hill, where the legendary dragon’s migration shall cross, a man shall stood tall.

‘We should see the world, only by seeing the world then each of our words has their own meaning.’

“Bah, it easy for you to say it. Why don’t we change place, let me ride on your shoulders, how about it?”

‘Girl, you just broke my fragile heart. Have you forgotten what your master said to you? A strong mind would become stronger as the body gets sturdier. I just help you with a minor weight bearing practice, you already protest.’

“Nah, I don’t want to become a bodybuilder just like those muscle brains. So, how far again to the route of the dragon’s migration?”

I look at the Dragon Compass, ‘It should be around three or four more kilometers.’

“Yos, let us go faster!”


Suddenly, I felt like riding a fired cannonball. Ione moved so fast that I barely can see our surrounding just by a pair of eyes.

‘Stop!’ I gave her a sign.


Even Ione brake her speeding smoothly, I almost threw up from her shoulder.

“It is here,” Ione asked me.

‘Yes, it should here. Let us wait under that Golden Spruce.’ I point to spruce with golden needles that grow as tall as a four-floor building.

“Good idea. If the migrating Dragons cause storm along the way, we could stay safe under it.”


“Eiwa, I heard dragon was a creature that resembles a hermit. They don’t enjoy traveling far from their homeland. But why every half of the millennium they would migrate? Do you know something?”

Ione asked me while gave me a slice of honeyed bread, this is a bribe I cannot deny.

“It was because of the poison.”

“Poison? I don’t get it.”

“Dragons are the mightiest beings those walk above the earth in every realm. They were proud like the Phoenix, brave like the Kirin, wise like the Lenape, strong as any of the Eight World Elephants—the Naga, and smart as any human can be. But they indeed have a weakness, those are their flame of life.”

“Flame of Life?”

‘Each dragon has a strong flame of life, the source of their mighty power. It was kept within their infamous dragon pearl. This flame is so powerful, it said if someone gains control seven flames within seven dragon pearls, that person could make anything happening in this world.’

“Really, why it sounds like something come out from on those fictions that you usually read?”

‘Eh…, well, it is up to you to believe or not to believe.’

“Wait, you haven’t told me yet its connection with the migration.”

‘When the flame of life too strong, they would create stress to its container. To balance this power, its container should also need to become stronger. This balancing process creates an exceed in that poisonous for the dragon in commons. So, they need to detoxicate this malicious substance. Where do you think if you a giant body with a poisonous core go if you want to release the poison? And there are hundreds of thousand individual those have the same issue with you?’


“Correct, they would not dump tons of shit their own backyard.”

Ione nodded, “Hey look, they are already here.”

I looked up and saw a line with mixtures of colors lining up on the skyline.


There is literally an ocean of dragons. Flying from only around ten meters above to far above and beyond the clouds.

The Azure Dragon of the Sky, the Black Dragon of the Darkness, the White Dragon of the Light, the Celadon Dragon of Mist, the Crimson Dragon of the Eternal Flame, were the five of most eye-catching Dragon Lords.

Behind them were dragons of many clans, we could saw the Gong Gong, Neak, Bakunawa, Lindworm, Wyvern, Ddraig Goch, Vishap, Kulshedra, Coca, Zilant, Apalala, Fafnir, Guivre, Jormungandr, Zilant, even the ancient clan of Kur and Sarkany also present.

Also, many dragons that I get able to name. It seemed that I need to read the Way of Three Realms a couple more.

I could see that not only me who got interested in watching these. In other hills’ top, also some people took place.

I was glad we came earlier; we got a better spot than everybody else.

Suddenly, a ‘thud’ sound came from behind us. We looked back and saw a figure landed followed by more ‘thuds’ sound.

Totally, there were about six people. Two were middle age men, four were teenagers.

The middle age men don light grey robes. While the four teenagers wear more colorful dresses.

There is embroidery of a pair of black shining antlers on their left chest.

‘The Black Antlers Sect!’

Yes, I have heard about them before, the sect that creates trouble for minor kingdoms for their resources. Even the sect’s juniors are bringing the air haughtiness.

Ara, they really find this place fast.

“Senior Brothers, that place seems nice to watch the migration.” A teenager girl around fifteen said the boy around seventeenth.

The other two girls who were around sixteenth agreed by nodding their head.

“There just two rats over there, let ask them to give their place for us.”

I could see a couple of veins popped up on Ione’s forehead.

Well, since the dragons still far away. It seemed this would become a good show. By the way, where was my pack of honey-flavored popcorns?