Eiwa 17 – A Dark End

Violet sky has replaced the gentle azure, the sun slumbered fast, while the stars took their stage without poised twinkling dance. A simple night of dream for many people, but not for some others. *** Around five-kilometer, two groups of black-clothed men converted and had a conversation in the dark. Each leader sat face to … Lanjutkan membaca Eiwa 17 – A Dark End

Eiwa 16 – The Holy Maiden of the Phoenix Clan

Edwena not only comprises seven empires as superpower entities. More influences stand tall without care too much about the mundane world. The Dragon Gate, the Ancient Elf Wood, Endless Sea Domination, Beast Empire, and the Heavenly Phoenix Clan. While there are also some humanity powers that strong enough to stand side by side with any … Lanjutkan membaca Eiwa 16 – The Holy Maiden of the Phoenix Clan