Eiwa 15 – Twin Battle Angels

Usually, the city of Milena was a bustling city with a peaceful life of its citizens. Even the comer stayed with the city’s favorite slogan, ‘We come in peace.’ But this bright, quiet, usual morning will meet an unprecedented event.

A roaring voice echoed through the city when the sun just about heating the central square.

“ALL Silver Swan Guards heed my command! Prepare for Battle!”

The major who just about to bite his cheesy bread was jumping from his chair and got splashed by hot beverage on a sore spot. He could not think of anything but cursing, “Fuck! Who the hell dared to step on the dragon’s tail. Were they trying to ruin my city! Shit! I’ll cut those assholes into pieces!”

The maids who never heard the major cursed before were terrified. But they didn’t even get to calm before another man’s booming voice echoed again above the city’s sky.

“ALL Golden Duck Protectors obey my command! At arms!”

The major who just running at reaching the stair instantly toppled over, rolled down and fallen hard to the floor below.

“Fuck! This is a nightmare, this is a nightmare. For the beard of the old mage, somebody tells me what is happening?”

Even he yelled. He can’t imagine anything. But something might have a connection with yesterday’s incident.

He runs fast until he reached the Major office’s square, where other city guards and knights wear the same confused expression as his.

Suddenly, many lights lit up the sky. The red one from Assassin’s Nest, the silver-gold one from the Merchant Union, the green one from the Apothecary and Alchemy Association, the brown one from Blacksmith Brotherhood, and the brightest yellow like the sun was from Mage Tower and many other firework-like signs from various guilds.

They are all whether a recall sign or assemble command.

The Major face became dark instantaneously, he was now sure that his previous guess didn’t miss that much.

There was a myth in not just Glaedwine Kingdom, but the entire Edwena World. It said, “You may bully any prince and princess from the seven empires if you have a gut, you may pick the dragon inverted scales as much as you like if you have a gut, but never touch the feather of Silver Swan or the Golden Duck, for it the calamity shall befall to your world.”

It was also a legend around two thousand years ago, a senior Saint Mage wreaked havoc with one of Golden Duck’s branch in a small kingdom’s city. He demanded the office to surrender a girl that his grandson took a like. The branch manager strictly denied it since the girl was their maid and she has said that she has no feeling for the boy. The Saint Mage enraged and nearly killed everybody at a Golden Duck’ branch. The Silver Swan Guards came for help, but since their branch were in a different city, they arrived late.

But not long after that, two shining figures descended upon the ruin. They asked the survivors a few questions before leaving. The Golden Duck and Silver Swan’s people seemed respected by them very much.

The next day the Capital City of that kingdom were gone, literally gone. The same day, an attack has pulverized one of concubine palace in the imperial palace. Both incidents with no survivor, the royal family of the small kingdom, and the concubine of the emperor.

This news came and shocked the entire Edwena, what was more shocking, that the Emperor only spoke a little, “Don’t touch the taboo, don’t bring a calamity upon your own homeland, don’t be a sinner to your people even if you a saint mage yourself.”

Later people found the connection between the attack of a Saint Mage to the Golden Duck’ branch with the destruction of a kingdom at an attack to the imperial palace. The Saint Mage was the grandpa of the current crown prince who took a like to a maid at Golden Duck. And the concubine was the crown’s prince’s elder sister. When they listen to the news, everybody shivered. Even Golden Duck and Silver Swan managements gave no clarification about this event, as they also knew nothing significant happened.

After that, nobody dared to create a mess for both parties for centuries. And there was also legend, about two figures who came from the sky and smash the kingdom palace and changed the surrounding area into ruins. They were so powerful that nobody could stop them, yet it was said they were gorgeous, a pair of goddess-like ladies. The name of Twin Battle Angels then became a legend in Edwena, but since then, nobody witnesses them again.

How could major didn’t have a headache right now? Will his city become a ruin, just like the legend said? He prayed that the Twin Battle Angels would never show up at his town.


Back inside the carriage.

“Achoo…!” Achoo…!”

“What’s wrong with the two of you? Is the air too cold, should we close the windows?” Mother gently asked both Lina and Mari, who was sneezing out the blue.

“No need My Lady. I don’t know, but suddenly something made my body shivered.”

“Ah yes, me too.”

“Is there anything in this world that can make you shivered, and both of you at once?” Mother asked with a teasing voice.

“My Lady, you must kid, there are many things we are afraid of.”

“Yes, My Lady, we would fear the Dragon Emperor, the Elf Queen, the Endless Sea Great King, the Ape Monarch of Northern Sky Mountain…”

“Yes, yes, don’t forget the most terrible and scary among all, the Holy Maiden of Phoenix Clan.”

“Oh, am I that terrible?” Suddenly a strange sound came from the front of the carriage.

“Hii….!” Both Lina and Mari shivered and hugging each other.

‘Eh, who is this? She can even hide his present from my detection? Is this another trouble?’