Eiwa 14 – A Dark Mind

War gives humanity two kinds of options, whether you would care for the life of the innocent, or you choose to see them as an absolute ignorable entity—or just as an inevitable price of war. War was and will always be a part of any sentient being’s civilizations.

After a while, there was no particular danger sign. Lina and Mari still silently surveyed many things around us, making no odd gestures or movements.

“Ione let us return the carriage. It is getting hot out here.”

Mother took Ione and go within the carriage. While I was still in her little hands’ care.

Inside the carriage, Mother made a gesture and Ione nodded. She understood that she must keep calm and silent.

Mother took something from behind her robe. It was a dark golden wand. With some simple hand’s movement, she summoned a golden grimoire. From the grimoire, there was a little bright shadow popped up.

‘Wow, what a cute palm-sized white bovine shadow summons, it has nine eyes and six horns. Hmm, what was it called again?’

Mother softly said, “White Bo, please look if there is any strange and danger element in the air.”

White Bo then titled his head, his nine eyes sparkled with different colors of light, and his horns gave tremor gently with ‘Pi, pi, pi’ sound.

‘Are you a kind of that spirit detector?’

Around a quarter of an hour later, White Bo straightened his head again. He murmured a strange voice.

“An odorless and tasteless poison? The one that blocking mage ability? Are you sure?” Then mother open other pages of her grimoire, showing one by another one, some scriptures while asking, “Is this one? This one? How about this one?”

She was still calm until the white bovine nodded at a single scripture mentioned a specific type of poison.

She called both Lina and Mari.

“Have you found the problem, Madam?”

Mother point at that scripture then said, “We should move from here; otherwise there will be too many casualties.”

Both swiftly packed up and prepared the carriage for traveling again. Just in about ten minutes, we already left the campsite.

We didn’t travel fast, but enough to leave the packed area just in time.

When I closed my eyes, I sensed a faint killing intent in the air, following closely not far behind us, and another one was traveled fast to overtake us in the distance from the left flank.

Each group consisted around fifty armed men and mages. Well, it was not a mage were a different species from human, but their capacity to wield mana is just far more immense than an average human.

I knew Mother would not let any innocent soul dragged to our conflict. If we knew the calamity might come, and we could shift it from harming the innocent lives, but we didn’t do it, then we do not differ from the catastrophe itself.

Well, by the way, weren’t they just too many? Why are you pursuing a little girl just like you were about to hunt a dragon-like creature?

“Ione, are you afraid?”

“I am not sure Aunt Flo, I’ve been under pursuing from more than a month with my big brother. But when I was by his side, I always felt a sense of security.”

“What about now?”

“I felt something similar.”

Mother nodded, then she looked at men, “My little Eiwa, Mom is so proud of you. You can even make a girl feel secure when she is close to you.”

‘Eeee…, please Mother, your ability to shift an issue is unparalleled. I am not your match, but please don’t shift it to me, I am innocent. And little miss, why are you blushing? I know I am handsome, but please don’t make a public misunderstanding.’


Far behind, a group of around fifty black-clothed men were running fast, their speed even could match a fast carriage.

“Did they notice us?” One with the black mask asked.

“Impossible, we were already careful enough. And before an hour, nobody should notice something is going wrong with their ethereal channel.” The one with a white mask—apparently the leader of the group—answered.

“Yes, fortunately, they left the camp. Otherwise, our aftermath cleans up would be a pain in the ass.” The other one with a black mask added.

“Talking about the aftermath. The three ladies seem very alluring, their price on the slave markets would be nice. What do you think, boss?” The first black masked man asked.

“Is there the only thing in your head? Perhaps if I give them to you, you would play with them and brake them before you sell them. Do you think I don’t know your dark habit?” The leader yelled.

“He, he…, you know me the best Boss. Of course, it would not happen this time. They are all the best qualities of the exceptional traits. It would be bad if they were broken.” The blacked-masked man spoke dirtily.

“Shut up! We are no longer a street gang. Don’t forget, the leader has picked up us from the street and made us into the elite. He already commanded us, so just focus and don’t fail our leader.” The masked white man replied coldly.

That black-masked man turned silent, but the other one asked, “Boss, what is the exact leader instruction?”

“We should follow a target, a small girl who is now inside that carriage, we found a hundred percent certainty, that we may eliminate her. This is a priority.”

“Just for a girl who escorted by three ladies made our leader use two elite groups that was his hidden trump cards? It doesn’t sound so simple.”

“Yes, it is, but I would not ask, and I can’t, since around two or three hours ago, there is no longer any magic relay of his instruction or respond, I am afraid the leader met some trouble. Now, it’s up to us let’s finish our given mission.”

“YES BOSS!” An acclamation sounded among them.