Eiwa 17 – A Dark End

Violet sky has replaced the gentle azure, the sun slumbered fast, while the stars took their stage without poised twinkling dance. A simple night of dream for many people, but not for some others.


Around five-kilometer, two groups of black-clothed men converted and had a conversation in the dark.

Each leader sat face to face.

“Henrik, we now have about a hundred men. There should not be a problem with ambushing the target. But we yet to hear any word from our Lord. This really makes fell tense.” Said the white-masked man.

“Yes, it is not his Lordship’s habit to let his men stay in the dark on a mission. Do you have any idea, Rustam?” A man with a red mask asked in return.

There are around a hundred men inside a dark wood, they used to do their job flawlessly. But this time, an unprecedented situation had emerged. They lost their touch with the one who commanded them the mission.

“We have no many choices left, the poison effect will wear out pretty soon, if there were any mage among them, then we may have additional casualty if we delay any longer. So, whether we ambush them right now, or we cease our chasing but left behind some tails and waiting for contact with our Lord.”

“You are right, Rustam, but since the earliest information stated that we should complete this mission in only three days, we have few chances, perhaps this would be the most perfect chance that we have. If we learn about their traveling pattern, there is no guarantee that we will have a better one. So, I’ll call for a move, how about you?”

“Then, let’s do it!”

The group was moving fast, taking some predestined spots around the big stone.

“Boss, our front eyes reported that there is another person now with them.”

Rustam surprised hearing this, “Who?”

“A young woman with red hair wearing a red robe. It is so strange since the eyes said they never saw this woman before they left the previous campsite.”

“So, it means that she can only be at their current campsite from the beginning, or she met them on their way after they left the previous camp.” Rustam was silent for a moment, “What do you think of her?”

“Hmm…,” The black-clothed man thought for a moment, trying to remember, then…, “she kind of woman that lost her mind in most of the time?”

“What the heck is with that kind of description you made? She is a woman, of course, she lost her mind, even my wife and sisters also like that!”


“Well whatever, prepare our brother, we will start the ambush an hour after they enter their tent.”

“Aye, Boss!”


An outdoor camp was high, I thought I should try it some more when I grew up later. A man, a dark sky with bright celestial bodies, the cold breeze, the warm campfire, and the song of the night. A man and nature, handsome and wild. I even could imagine my future journey.

Well, for the time, we were surrounded. I knew that mother and others pretend didn’t know about the ambush. I just hoped that they came really fast, I wanted to sleep early, and escaped from the clutch of this tiny hands those always pinched my cheeks—oh, my poor handsome cheeks.

“It’s already late, let’s get some sleep, so we can continue our journey earlier tomorrow.” Mother said.

Then, without further ado, we entered our tent and …, ‘fudge! Why I still in the devil’s claw, I am not a beloved bolster for the sake of old mage! I want my box, my dear baby box.’

But for the sake of this night, I could not do the long march for protest.

Yes, and just like I thought, an hour letter from the previous killing intent that I felt this noon came again and filled the air.


A group of black-clothed men moving fast and encircling the camp spot.

Both leaders were looking at each other before raising and pointing their hand to the tent as a signal of a collaborated attack.

All the black men who stand on the inner circle throw a sphere of iron aimed at a multi-spot above the tents. Their moves were flawless, almost noiseless, since this is what they were trained best at.


The spheres disintegrated and countless needles pouring down to the tent. They just like ten thousand arrow’s heads piercing delicate fabric mercilessly.

The tent was torn and broke, but before the fallen top even reach the ground, dozens of mages who were already made their stand launched fire and lighting spells, bombarded the tent area and around it.



Damn it! There was my dear baby box, your shitty head! Geez, what back luck, what dark end. I could even save my baby box; how could I also get a good sleep from now on? Everything was pulverized, nothing would survive that kind of flame.

Just wait for it, you morons, ready for this sovereign’s revenge. I don’t know who you are, but I’ll hunt you, I’ll find you, and I’ll XXX you!