Eiwa 10 – Fear Not

Dozens of people crammed around the entry, mostly adult. And in their center were two groups of people. The first is a little girl with a boy that seemed injured behind her. The other is a group of black-clothed foreigners.

Between the group was standing an old man around sixty, he was the manager of Milena’s Silver Swan Inn. His back was shielding the two children.

“Old Man, you should not interfere with our business here.” The black-clothed foreigners’ leader spoke.

“Sir, I would not interfere in your business was nothing to do with my business.” The old man said with a shy smile.

“We will compensate you for this inconvenient, but first, move! Those rats are runaway slaves of our Master!”

Facing a raised voice, the old man still calms, “I am very sorry, while they are only kids, but they are our guests, it is within our policy to guarantee the safety of everyone who becomes our customer within our inn. This is non-negotiable. Please leave, you are already making other guests inconvenient.”

“You Bastard! Don’t you know that you are protecting the enemy of Aelfwine Monarchy? Do you want to start a war between kingdoms?”

One of black-clothed man became furious and yelled at the old man. His leader wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

The old man straightened his body up and looking at the black-clothed group with an emotionless look like they were already some dead bodies.

The surrounding mana fluctuated like crazy, a drop and rise in temperature filled the area like dancing between days and nights.

“He is Grand Mage!” A guest accidentally screamed.

“You are the one who doesn’t understand, lad. Whether you are a family of monarchy, kingdom or even Imperium, we never gave a shit about it! Pugh! And then, we are not any part of this kingdom; whether both of kingdoms is about getting bloodshed together, we still don’t give a damn about that fucking shit!”

His voice so loud and echoed with mana amplification, I thought about more than half the population in this city would hear it, it surely would become a big scene.

Despite that, I wish I could give him a standing ovation. What a marvelous way to say it. Using a Grand Mage’s charism to oppress some young knights and foot soldier and yet sounded so damn righteous and virtuous.

“Please appease you anger Sir Mage, we are here, but for a simple order, it doesn’t seem right for us to make a scene. Please forgive my insolent and ignorant subordinate; I will make him learn more when we back. We are sorry for taking your time, and I am apologizing for taking your precious time. Good day Sir Mage.”

The leader was speaking so fast, then that group leaving as soon as those sentences. When my people came back to their sense, the group was already near hundreds of meters away.

Well, it was understandable, nobody would like to face the wrath of a Grand Mage whose power could effortlessly flatten this whole city if he was willing. But, perhaps what many people could not digest was why a great person, a Grand Mage, staying within this small kingdom city? For most locals, this city is a great city, for a Grand Mage, this city would not differ from a tattered cottage.

The old man picked the boy up, and run back entering the inn, the little-followed him hurriedly with her small swaggering steps.

Soon the crammed people also dispersed; Mom took me into the inn as well. But, not to our previous room, instead She walked to a small breezeway, and we arrived at a small hut. I smelled a strange mix of fragrant came from within, ‘a medicinal compound?’

Mother took a step and opened the door. A boy around eleven years old laid on a simple-bedding of peculiar roots and rhizomes, while his body covered with the mix of flowers, leaves, and his own blacked blood, his breathing was profound and fast. The medicinal paste was applied here and there to cover his wounds, it didn’t seem to help much but some small alleviation for his pain. A little girl around four was standing steady near his foot, her eyes deep blue, her hair was dark gold with some flaming red color at their tips. She about to burst into a cry, but she still held it.

The old man saw Mother, then said, “I am sorry Madam, you have to witness this old man incompetence.” He shook his head.

“Don’t say like that Grandpa Kornel. You have tried all you can. Let me have a look.”

Sebastian Kornel was his name, a Grand Mage around his sixty. And a manager of this inn. He was also a trusted aide of Sister Lina.

Mother took the boy’s wrist for his pulse. Then she let it go.

“Red Eyed Green Dragon’s Claw Poison, and a strong one.”

My mother said it calmly.

But not for those who heard it, especially the little girl, her body trembled, her eyes became sorer, she showed a sad face.

My mother saw it, and she spoke gently to her, “Nothing in this world is hopeless before we give up.”

She raised her head, “Madam, please help my big brother.”

She didn’t say save, but she asks help — what a considerate young lady.

My mother held me like holding the most precious treasure in the world.

“It was around a year ago; I got poisoned with the same type of this poison. To save me, Aloys activated the ethereal royal magic, I was saved, but I never met him again.”

Grandpa Kornel shook his head, “Madam, don’t say you use that magic again? I know I can’t stop you if you already decide on something. But is this the only way? Please forgive this old man for this inappropriate question, but Madam, do you think it is worth?”

I heard Mother said, “Life is precious, fear is not even a question when there is life might preserve.”