Eiwa 22 – Battle Maiden

That era has long lost in the flow of time. But those who lived in that era know the cosmos-shaking battle that changes people’s understanding of ultimate power forever.

Every few years, Lily would return to Padmaloka finding her Young Master. Sometimes she would bring delicacy, and most of the time she would bring collected works and books of the countless author from Three Realms since she knows that her Young Master loves reading books the most.

“Young Master, Lily has returned. I bring you new fish type somewhere from the corner of the universe.” She said while hugged her Young Master.

“Really? Come and sit, let us enjoy it together.” The Young Master just caressed her hair gently.

They then talked about many things. Lily loved her adventures, she went everywhere, and make friends with many people from many backgrounds.

She has traversed the Nine Heavens; she left no rock unturned in the Nine Underworlds, yet to visit the Nine Great-Worlds, but missed her Young Master, so she came back home. No matter who polite everyone else to her outside there, her Young Master is still the best.


There were much comparable shocking news spreads to the entire Three Realms. A savage teenager girl has challenged many geniuses from every great power in Three Realms. They call her Battle Princess Lily.

“Hey have you heard, Battle Princess challenged Lady Nana of the Loke Ancient Dynasty?”

“What are you talking about, everybody knows it already, don’t they? I even took leave from my boss to see the battle at the Royal Colosseum.”

“You are so lucky, even my boss gave me permission. He also asked me to take some store’s dumplings and sell them there.”


Many similar conversations occurred everywhere. And when the same event comes again, the same euphoric waves blasted the neighboring communities.

People just love her, she was cute, nice to everybody, and easygoing, she would shake hand only with everybody whether you are someone from a distinguished family or just a commoner. She loved to buy many kinds of delicacies, and this was also part of something that makes her so mysterious.

If people asked about why she bought so many delicacies, she would answer with a charming smile, “They are for my Young Master.” She also loved to collect copy of various books and literatures, and when people asked, the answer was still the same, “They are for my Young Master.”

If people asked who her Young Master is, and where he is, she would merely say, “Young Master is Young Master, of course, he perhaps now reading a book or two at the poolside.”

People imagined this mysterious Young Master, so does that mean that the Battle Princess merely a maid of someone? If the maid was already so powerful, just how scary is her family, Young Master?

Many of her suitors, especially those young masters of prominent families, schools, sects, even princes of many empires, felt depressed. They have tried to find who is this Young Master behind their dream girl, but no matter how hard they have worked, it turned back as a naked zero.

There, even a young master from the realm’s sovereign asked his sovereign for proposing engagement to the Battle Princess’ family. Many people supported this idea at the beginning, that young master was a prodigy among prodigies, the direct descendant of their mighty sovereign, the future of their realm, if he can unite with the Battle Princess, then the future of their domain would be brighter.

But when the sovereign heard about it, he has beaten black and blue by the sovereign himself in front of many officials and leaders of great families.

“You little bastard, I trained you to be a future sovereign to protect our realm, not to be some fucking stupid bastard who only knows how to invite apocalypse to his home! If you were so boring to live, just die by yourself asshole, don’t bring anyone else with you!”

“Mercy Sovereign, please have mercy! I was only… ugh…, propose this for the goodness of our realm.”

Still, the sovereign continued showering him with many lethal fists and kicks. “Goodness of your ass! Even I would turn to dust if the world knows I know that scary existence, and you dare to … damn you!”

That young master was shocked by hearing his sovereign words, so did everyone else inside the royal court. ‘Damn it! Even our Mighty Sovereign was trembling. He is the Realm’s Master, for Heaven’s sake. Just what is this Battle Princess’s background?’

“Man! Bring this stupid boy out of my palace and have him married any random girl! Otherwise, he would bring about calamity to us.”

The young master was dragged like some rice shack. And many people felt so strange, they felt like just avoiding a catastrophic but didn’t sure what was the impedance threat.

Soon, the news about the beaten young master spread to many places and other realms as well.

While many people also shocked, they at least got a clue that even many failed to reveal Battle Princess’ mysterious origin. Then one might ask a realm’s master personage to know about this girl.

But those who have a chance to ask, they did it carefully. Nobody would like to be beaten black and blue, or worse, labeled as apocalypse invitee.

When they knew more, they shocked more. They swore to close their lips tightly, for this information could bring a real catastrophe.

Even the sealed their lips and made many people still wondering, other bombs were dropped soon after.

Lily has many friends, and many of them curious. When they meet in a restaurant while finding a new delicacy, they took the chance to ask.

“Lily, you are always looking delicacies for your Young Master, do you care about him so much?” A girl from a distinguished family asked.

“Of course, he is my everything. I love him very much, so I’ll stuff him with many sweet things.” She answered with a sweet giggle.

“Hmm… he doesn’t seem scary if he loves sweets and books.”

“No! Why would he scary?”

“But you heard people said, that your family perhaps a scary one.”

“Don’t believe what people said, my Young Master is very kind, he even harms no mosquito.”

The people around also had their conversation attentively. Everywhere the Battle Princess goes, there will also be a crowd of people. Since Battle Princess never felt disturbed, on the opposite, she loved to smile warmly to people, many loves just to be around her presence.

“So, perhaps his parents were the ones those scary?”

“Hmm…, I’ve never seen my Young Master’s parents. There only me and Young Master.” She stopped for a moment, “Ah, there also a senile old man lives with us, but he did nothing but sitting and grumbling all day.”

The people felt even more confused hearing this, even the informants that stood hidden far away could not find any clue. Is there any such mysterious Young Master? Which family is he coming from if even the maid never met the Master and Mistress?

But her friend didn’t give up yet. The next answer is, “So, Lily, how strong is your Young Master? Is he stronger than you?”

“Hmm…, he should be.”

“What do you mean by he should be?”

“Well, I never had battle practice with him, so I didn’t know how far exactly he is stronger than me.”

“Do you mean you don’t know how many exchanges you need before you lost?”

“No, no, even without exchange, I must take the losing side. If I want to get at least an exchange, I think I need to do sneak attack, but how many clones I should prepare and how many parsecs I should hide from him, so he wouldn’t notice me earlier.”

People were jaw-dropped. Are you planning a sneak attack or are you planning to become a realm’s conquest, O, my sweet angel? Just what kind of terrifying existence is your Young Master, My Lady?

Her friends were speechless, should they ask another question, each question seemed to meet a formidable wall of ignorant. Have they become so uninformed that they never heard such a young character before?

“So, what is your Young Master’s name?” It just a joke, her friend no longer hopes to find an honest answer.

“Hmm…, I never ask my Young Master’s name, and he never told me. I just know I called him Young Master.”

Yeah, like what we guessed before, the people thought to themselves.

Another joking question also came, “You only live with your Young Master, and what was that, a senile old man, you even didn’t know his name. Don’t say to me that the senile old man also has no name?”

Nobody knows who asked that question, but many people were laughing. They know that the Battle Princess won’t take it to heart.

“Well, about that senile old man, also I don’t know his real name, but I know what people used to call him. When my first-time leaving home, he was receiving guests from many places. …” She was stopped for a moment, but all sound also quiets down, and the world became strangely silent. This is a clue everybody thought—“If I am not mistakenly, people call that old man, ….”

” yeah…, yeah…, who was it?” people became palpitated,

“… the Great Creator.”


A boom was dropped, there was no sound, only stillness, but a great wave runs amok in everyone’s mind and soul.

“The Great… Creator….?” Her friend now trembling, she faced was pale. She still wished that she heard mistakenly, “You are not joking right, Lily.”

Lily just simply pure, “Nope, why would I got to joke, it just a senile old man who loves to yell at me sometimes, why would I make a lie about him.”

‘For Heaven’s sake, Lily! That is the Great Creator we were talking about. He stands above all the mightiest sovereigns of the Three Realms. He is not some senile old man’s family.’

‘Shit! Did we just laugh at the scariest thing that we even dare not to speak behind his back? What did we just do?’

‘Fuck! So, therefore all the news from great sovereigns’ family were stopped, nobody would dare to gossip about that man.’

“Why are you all become strange?”

One of her friends, a young man that has more composure, bravely asked, “Lily, please let us confirm again. Do you live at Padmaloka?”

“Oh…” She smiled, “How do you know, I remember I tell nobody where I live with my Young Master. Eh, yes, both of us were lives there for eons, just these last few years that Young Master let me go outside. Wow, your instinct must be great; you can guess my home.”

While Lily was laughing freely, many people were crying deep inside their heart.

Young Lady, that is the Holiest place in the entire Three Realms. Nobody would dare to guess it as a home of a young master and her maid. Please, if you want to trap people, don’t make it into a death trap.

We are done; we have made Lord of Padmaloka as laughing subject. This news would spread fast. If I return and my family knows I was here and joining the laughing session, they would offer me as a living sacrifice to repel bad omen. Many people thought that way.