Eiwa 20 – The Summoning Class

Time inevitably ran fast. Six months already passed since I came to this world. Suddenly, I didn’t know, sometimes I felt already old enough. Not because of the six months, but there is more pseudo-time I spent inside my sea of consciousness now and then, and that was a place where time just didn’t exist.

I might only around six months, but I already capable of running as fast as a six-year-old kid. Why if you asked? This because of that bid-headed Book of Pono, the first four volumes gave me a sped up inner growth, including calmness, the capability of deciding quickly and efficiently, body strength, the evolution of the ethereal system, and of course manipulation the inner and outer fabric of space and time.

Yes, I could speak already, but I said a very few words, and prefer to apply body sign and language. I didn’t want some maid to fall from extreme surprise or from extreme cuteness, and of course, the most important thing is to maintain the image of a cool gentleman.

Well, everything would be perfect. Except for this image, it just didn’t work for some person.

I was adding honey to my noon milk, listening to chirping hymn of life. When I rule the world in the future, I should make a rule about every pottery manufacture should create tea and milk set for under five. My hands just too small for this cup, bottle, and pot.

Just before the sweet liquid touched my lips…


“Eiwa, I get bottleneck again!”


The milk spilled all over my clothes.

‘What In the name of the old mage is going on right now?’

“Eiwa, I can’t see any breakthrough on elemental germination magic, it seems my connection to spirit dimension always crashed at the end of my chant. ….”

She talked about many other things. She was spirited. The shadow of a depressed little girl months ago was no more. But this also kind of problem for me.

“… come, you must have a solution, haven’t you?” She asked me with bright eyes.

‘Girl, come on. You disturb my milk time just for such a paltry thing?’ My lips didn’t even move, but my eyes spoke it all when I looked directly to her eyes.

“Don’t be so stingy, little brother. Let me bring you again to hunt some violet cane nectar in the wood next time.”

‘Bah, do you think I am a child that you can tempt with just nonsense?’

“Nope, but you are my little brother. It was a good little brother’s duty to support his weak elder sister. If your elder sister doesn’t become a Saint Mage next two years when she enters the Royal Academies of Mage and Knight, cruel seniors will bully her. You want nothing bad happens to your elder sister right Eiwa?”

‘Sigh…, if you become a Saint Mage when you enter the academy, I am afraid those bully won’t have any good life either. So, no, I am a pacifier.’

“You really won’t care?”


“Fine, everything in this world is based on an equal exchange. So, for you to help me into Saint Mage in two years. I would exchange it for all my special cane-honey grilled potatoes in two years. How about it?”

She got me surprised; she was so stern.

But this was so stupid. I put back my cup on the table and looked back at her, “It’s a deal.” I said.

There was someone so stupid to exchange two-year worth of special cane-honey grilled potatoes just to become a Saint Mage? So, what if you become a Saint Mage, even Saint Mage will not be necessarily able to enjoy special culinarians in their lives?

With a snap of my finger, all my clothes became clean again. I flew, yes, literally, since flight magic is nothing, really. If you couldn’t fly at six months old, it because you were not handsome enough like me. Or you ever flew, but landed somewhere hard, so you got amnestic and lost your capability to soar.

I reached and took a book, “Transcending Nature Magic” written by someone named Min-Jun. Mother has many publications in her collections. Back then when she saw me interested in reading a recipe text, she put all her collection of thousands book in every wall and corner of our mansion. The villagers also call our home, the Book Mansion.

I put it on the table and opened page 2561. It was about summoning nature spirit. There was written about the basic, the invisible array, that ethereal channel, and the mystic chanting.

Ione saw it; it thought about it for a moment.

“I think, I didn’t miss any of the instruction.”

I shook my head. ‘Girl, see this first, and you’ll understand.’

I flew, yes literally, to the center of the room, since walking my small feet is just such pain.

I draw a used-to-be invisible array with light coloring so it could be seen.

“Yes, that way I drew it too.” She clapped, but still focused on the array.

When I finished the array, it was sparkling brightly within the room. I wrote some ancient spells above my head so Ione could see the incantation I use.

She didn’t ask me why to use an ancient spell, not a common one, because when she first knew I could unleash magic, but not with a conventional way, then accepted that she could only approach my way with an unusual way.

I took a deep breath and chanted the ancient spell, word by word.

In every step of the chant, I allowed a different part of the array glittered brighter than another section to show its natural bonding and harmony to the spell.

At the end of the spell, a voice came from the void.

“Who is summoning me? Is there an apocalypse again came to the human world?”

When the voice took her humanoid form. Ione dropped her jaw.

“For the sake of old mage, that is a legendary summon! Eiwa, it is the Eternal Billion Lilies Queen, one of the strongest magic summons in the world!” Ione was jumping excitedly.

The spirit that I summoned blinked her eyes. She seemed surprised. Since she came, she has tried to find the one that summoned her, but she found none, only two brats, one with a cold expression, one with overwhelming euphoria.

Yet, she still smiled, “Child, it is nice to hear that even a child still knows my name since I have been summoned again for millennia to your world. Would you help me find the one who spends so much to summon me?”

Ione suddenly stopped to jump. She just noticed that she behaved rudely in front of legendary spiritual existence.

“Please forgive me for my unruly behavior before Your Highness Spirit Queen. My name is Ione, and the one who summoned you is my little brother Eiwa.”

Ione pointed at me.

The so-called Queen look at me, she smiled, “I am afraid that was not quite possible, wasn’t?” Suddenly she stopped, and “You…? It’s really you?” She was shocked, the almighty Queen looked so much shocked.

Eeee…, what kind of development is this. Why did it give me a foreboding feeling?