Eiwa 3 – Familiy

A birth within a family always brought joy and happiness, if not always, I would sure mostly be. For a couple of hours, at least it indeed factual for my family.

Guests were flooding our main hall, and from the surrounding sound, they should be hundreds of them right now.

From the noblest one, the king itself, to commoners like teachers of the magic and knight academy or some random servant families, from the old to their children, they came to give their blessing for the newborn son—which is me.

I knew then that I was born within an aristocratic family, and an important one within this kingdom, the Glaedwine Kingdom.

My grandfather—the father of my mother—is the head teacher of Glaedwine Royal Magic and Knight Academy. My grandmother—the mother of my (missing?) father—is the grand general of Glaedwine Royal Army. Both were holding authority second only to His Majesty the King itself.

My sweet mother and I believed she is a beautiful lady, was a dean in Classical Scriptures Division of Royal Magic and Knight Academy. People said I took my mother’s eyes, eh, what novel-like similarity e.

And about my father, whoever he was, I still could not make it clear. Almost nobody mentioned him in this banquet; all I can hear that he works in the military, a kind of undercover special force.  Grandpa perhaps knew about it; unfortunately, I am yet to be able to ask him.

But it seemed that my father was the sworn brother of the crown prince. Prince Archelaos always called my mother by ‘Sister Floretta’, and so my mother called him back by ‘Big Brother Archelaos.’

“How is Sister Wassa now, is she still feeling unwell?” My mother asked the crown prince.

“Well, she is fine, only needs more rest. This pregnancy makes her more tired than the previous one when we about to have Loke. I don’t know why, but her mana depletes quickly every midnight. The royal doctors didn’t have any idea as well. We only can help her by providing more spirit waters, spirit fruits, and sometimes sacred beast meat to protect her and our baby.”

The voice of crown prince sounds serene but full of hope.

But what about this strange pregnancy? Wait a minute, let me try to remember. It seemed only high spiritual being when to conceive a spiritual seed would show this symptom, and that only when the seed or the baby was extraordinary.

Was this ‘Sister Wassa’ an extraordinary being? Or the baby was?

Well, forget it. Even when delivering an extraordinary being like me to this world my seemed ordinary mother still beautiful, what bad thing could happen, anyway?

“It is okay Big Brother; I believe sister Wassa just tired, moreover, while she is pregnant, I heard she still helped you to resolve many royal matters. She will just fine.”

“Oh…, well, if Sis says, so I am relieved.”

Oh, my nine stars, the crown prince just relieved like that? Was my mother a kind of seer?

“Daughter-in-law would be fine. You are overthinking it.”

A solemn voice came from near us.

“Ah, Your Majesty.”

“Archelaus, how many times We need to say. Your wife is stronger than you imagined. How can the descendant of great Cyneburg become a weak person? Maybe she will give me a baby boy or maybe a cute little baby girl. Ha ha…, I can’t wait for it.”

“Your Majesty, Lady Wassa surely would have a healthy baby.” My mother gave a small chuckle.

“Ha… ha… sure…,” The king laughed happily, “So this little one is Eiwa? Come, let me hold the boy.”

I felt my body swayed, then arrive on muscular arms. O, I don’t like others than my mother, but I couldn’t afford to cry, because I wasn’t sure whether crying would give me a capital offense.

“Good… good, good…, this little one surely will become the future of our kingdom, Glaedwine, he just looked like his father. Since both of my son and the father of this baby are sworn brother, that We shall confer thou a title of Prince.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

I heard the voices of my mother, my grandfather and my grandmother simultaneously.

I didn’t believe it! I just born, and now I am a prince, even I don’t belong originally to royal families? Heh, I must have done many good karmas in my previous life, if not, how can a baby just bear with a handsome face, beautiful voice, great brain and suddenly become a prince? He, he…, I wonder if by tomorrow I suddenly become a grand duke.

“Then let We name his title ‘Nine Stars Prince’ since when he was born, the nine stars of fate are shining at their brightest peak.”

‘What? I am protesting! I am protesting! I am protesting! Do you think that I am a kind of restaurant or hotel those have stars rating?’ My mind blew up! But I could not say a word, the pretense of capital offense still feared me the most.

The banquet then continued, I lost count how many times my untainted body was defiled by pairs of hands whose owner I didn’t even recognize. This acts as an indictment for the society of cuteness protection. I wished I can run to the royal court to plea for the injustice that falls before me.

Well, just for this time, I let them be.

It was almost past midnight when I woke up again within my crib. I wished I can see everything; clearly, I heard that above my crib were magical firmament that was showing a primordial skyline. Well, I need to wait, perhaps in a couple of dozen days, I’m able to see clearly.

Family, what a delightful thing in this world.

I closed my eyes again, and suddenly something happened. My mind was fallen and crashed to the deepest part of my sea of consciousness. I found myself as a tiny astral body within a borderless sea sitting in a cross-legged position.

Here, I could see everything clearly. In this dimension, nothing existed but a vast sea, the bright blue sky, and circling horizon.

‘Where is this? How can I arrive here? Can I leave this place?’

Many things popped up inside my mind.

‘Okay, take a deep breath, relax, perhaps this is only a dream.’

I tried to take a deep breath, ‘Eh? Can’t I breathe? What the…’