Eiwa 2 – The Baby and the Poem

What a great view! All laws danced together under the bright nine stars. Even the most ignorant beings in the nine realms knew that this was a sign—a celestial sign that can affect all the universe.

“The nine starts are shining, the destiny of three realms shall move to an unknown path, the great soul has descended to our universe.”

An old man murmured to himself.

“Grandpa, these stars are shining beautifully, but why you don’t seem happy seeing them?”

A little girl by his side asked him, she smiled and looked just like a petite angel. Her hair is like a flowing stream of gold, the white skin, and a bright green and silver pupils—a pair of peculiar heterochromia.

The old man sighed and shook his head gently, “Because it is the sign of unknown my little angel. And the unknown always capable of bringing about doubt and restless in this mind. It may be a sign a great opportunity, but also it may be a sign of great calamity.”

“Calamity? Just like in the chaotic era of the three realms?” The face of this little girl became paler than dry grasses.

“Little one, you were born after the end of the chaotic era. Both of us lost our precious ones in that cursed era. But, not like you, I have witnessed the cruelty of never-ending wars. My fear and worries born from countless life and death real experiences. If not for your master blessed us with her grace, we would never have a foothold in the upper Nine Heavens like today.”

“Ah master, I miss her so much.”

She was around five years old and looked so cute.

Both looked at the starry sky, where there were nine stars shine brightly continuously for nine days and nine nights.

Far away, somewhere in Nine Underworlds, another old man also sighed when he saw the nine stars shone brightly.

“Master, why you look so down?”

His beloved pupil, a girl around seven or eight years old, asked him curiously. Her cold nature still perfectly sculpted her mien. Her black hair and dark skin with a pair of flaming red pupils make her look like a little devilish beauty.

“I have lived for about eon and a half, and I was lucky to get a chance to meet the great creator before that great chaos. He warned me about this era, but I thought it was a joke since he loves joking around. I never imagined if it was true, lucky, truly lucky, I arranged this hidden world before the great chaos, otherwise, I, your master almost certainly perish centuries ago. I know, I see his prophecy again.”

“Is this a bad sign, Master?”

“The great creator didn’t tell me whether it is a bad or a good sign. Only he said, if I want to take a great opportunity for my pupil, I should take her or him to a fated place somewhere in the fifth great world.”

“Do you mean, his prophecy was about me?” Even for unexpected news, her face still calm and collected. What a tranquility.

Her master only smiled and took her hand, and he said, “Let’s go little one.”


In a small kingdom, the Glaedwine Kingdom, which rebuilds their homeland after the war that ended less than a year ago, there was a small family of three which soon become four.

Within an aristocratic family of the Glaedwine Kingdom, they have waited for this very day.

On the fifth day after the first time, nine stars start shined brighter, at the peak moment when the most brilliant radiance covered the three realms. The fate of the Three Realms began anew.

‘What is this?’

‘Where am I?’

‘And who am I?’

The three questions were the start of a whole new journey.

Why is so dark in here? I can’t see anything. But at least here is so warm and comfy. Oh wait, it seems there is light over there.

Suddenly, my body was pushed toward the view. A breeze of cold and a sound of laughter welcoming me within the light. All of which make me voluntarily cried out loud. Even after that, I felt I was wrapped within warm and soft linen, and I didn’t know why I can’t stop crying, I just like a natural thing for me.

Until, a calm, sweet voice arrived from beside me, chanted the primordial word softly.

“What a handsome boy.” An old and dignified voice came from the right.

“Of course, whose grandson do you think he is?” Another old but warm voice came from the left.

“Father, mother, please don’t start it again. Now is our happy moment. Let this happiness flows into our family. He shall be the sun and moon those make us never feel in the dark again. He shall be the earth and the sea; those bring about myriad life spirits for us. He shall be the sky and the heaven, those shelter our coming days in peace and harmony.”

‘What a beautiful voice, what some beautiful words,’ I thought. This voice must be the voice of my mother. I felt warm slip into the genuine part of my soul.

Well, since I was a first-grade poetry maker, let me also present the world with the bright of my gift.

“Ooaa… ooaa…, ooaa….”

“Ooo…, look, he cried in happiness.”

‘What in the name of nine stars? I can’t even speak my voice.’ And so, I heard grandfather continued to laugh happily, but why this laugh seemed familiar? It seems I could remember nothing before arriving in this place of light.

Something seemed lost within me. But I don’t know what. The more I tried to remember something, the more I forgot.

When I opened my eyes, I can yet see clearly. But I still can feel the touch, the air, the heat, and I can hear voices and sounds.

“So, what shall we name him?” My grandmother asked all of us, excluding me I believed.

“How about ‘Little Big Cyril’?” My grandfather still laughing.

‘What is your mean by Little Big! A little too big or what?’ I wanted to yell, ‘What a strange sound of the name, did you even seriously consider a name for your grandchild? Look how handsome I am, how can you say little big, even little handsome would make me—your grandchild—lost face.’

“You can’t name him like that!” I heard my grandmother yelled, ‘Oh good grandmother, love you so much.’ “Look how chubby his cheeks, at least you should call him ‘Little Fatty Cyril’”

‘Eee… what?! The hell is wrong with that? How can it turn out after pulling me up from the crocodile nest then throwing me down to tiger nest?’ I can’t even imagine what family I was born into, and my future looked bleak all sudden.

“My child…” The voice of mother while she was hugging me gently, “Your proud father has left a name for you, Eiwa, and now we shall name you Eiwa Cyril the Son of Aloys Cyril, my little sweetheart.”


‘As your son, may I file a protest? How could you marry a brainless man who prepared the name for a daughter, but not for a son? Should I wear lady gown in the future?’

I wanted to cry, but suddenly I felt sleepy. I craved for something sweet inside my mouth.

‘Is this milk? What a coincident.’

I closed my eyes again, fallen into dreamland.

I didn’t know for how long; I fell asleep. But, the surrounding sound suddenly became some racket noises. I could hear chatter everywhere, but I was still sleeping in the end.


What! What sound was that?

“His Majesty, King Euaristos Surya Taner with Queen Fioralba has arrived!”

“His Highness, Crown Prince Archelaos Taner has arrived!”

And so, on so many names, and seemed central figures in a kingdom has come.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again.