Eiwa 0 – Prologue

I am the sin of the nine heavens, the nine worlds, and the nine underworlds.

Perhaps the great creator has made his first mistake when I born within the very first samsara. But sure, he denied it, ‘Samsara itself just an illusion, how can an illusion become a mistake?’, he was laughing out loud and made spring lasting for one Kalpa – an eon of great joy for all living beings in the realms.

For an eon, I drown myself, my mind, in deep contemplation.

Then I went for another question; I could not understand. Is my very existence just an illusion?

‘You want an answer?’ He asked me.

‘I want the truth.’ I clench my fists.

He smiled, very peculiar, a mysterious one which made my heart skipped a beat, the smile I would never forget.

He threw something, and unconsciously I caught it.

‘That is the token of three realms. You may play with it. I leave the three realms in your capable hands.’

‘What…?!’ I yelled. I want an answer, but this…

‘I know what you are thinking right now. I can write for you a description of how salty a handful of salt was, but I can never make you understand this reality beyond a simple concept, I cannot taste the salt for you so you can understand how salty it is, you must experience it.’

‘Is this necessary?’

‘Of course not, but how else I will have my vacation. Laughing for eons doesn’t seem healthy.’

And so, the great creator vanished in front of me, leaving me lost of words. I scanned his existence in the whole of three realms, but I never found him.

Again, I fell in deep contemplation. Ten centuries passed by when both my eyes opened.

‘So, that’s the only way.’

I spread my senses to the three realms, ‘Ughh…’ I almost choked myself.

‘What in the name of nine stars happened in the ….?’ I almost can’t believe what I saw.

I looked at the three realms token in my hand; I forgot to bind it and caused a mess in many (almost all) worlds.

‘This happening just in the centuries? Now, I feel I also need a vacation.’

And so, my body disappeared from the Padmaloka.