Eiwa 7 – Silver Swan and Golden Duck

Some days after that night. I found myself lied down within a straw box that bounced gently every couple second. I was kidnapped! Ups, not really, I was ‘dethroned’ from my royal abode, and forced into exile with my poor mother.

Ahem, well, I thought I would be an excellent scriptwriter, don’t you think so?

Perhaps this was what people called a tale of a journey. Since ever we left the Royal City of Glaedwine, I could feel a lot of different taste in the air; it was like opening a gift box which we know nothing about it before.

The smell of newly budding grass, the dancing road dust in the wind, the hidden nectars of various flowers.

The sound of small streams those rippled their soul for their river of life, the cicadas those send their greeting passed the fairy forest.

And don’t forget, the warm the twin suns, that … Ah okay forget it, let’s back to our main storyline.

Both of us in a magical carriage. Yes, an enchanted carriage. A simple hooded cart that runs by mana powered magical inscription. It was far from a luxurious carriage that used to transport noble families. Still, my mother considered many details so we may travel in comfort.

We were left by dawn when the first breath of life wrestles the fortune of early morning in Royal City. When we arrived at somewhere called Hermia Plain, the sun already halfway over our heads.

I shrieked, and mother knew it was lunchtime for her beloved son.

“O sweetie, look at you, this is your fourth demand even before noon. Is your tummy made of magical sponge? Or do you have flair as a politician?”

Mother just smiled at me and took me up gently into her bosom.

“You seem to enjoy our journey very much. Other babies would become fussy, but you are smiling and laughing along the way. Mother really doesn’t get you little Eiwa.”

I just let out a small gurgling laugh.


About an hour later, we were reaching the end of Hermia Plain.

“Eiwa, come, Mother must take you by foot from here. We are entering Hermia Town. It’s a small town so that magical carriage would draw much unnecessary attention.”

Mother, please, you are already a peerless beauty. Without our carriage, it would only gather more attention. But since I couldn’t speak yet, I just … you know.

After about ten minutes’ walk, we found a small two-floor lodging.

“Welcome to Silver Swan, our dear costumers, what can I do for you.”

“We need a place to rest for this afternoon, if still available, please provide room number seventeenth.”

The female employee seemed silent for a moment before taking one of the key that hung on the wall behind her.

“Here is your key Madam, please enjoy your stay here. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes, please bring us your favorite silver swan porridge with half boiled golden duck’s egg.”

“Would you like it a bit salty or spicy?”

“A sweet one, please.”

“Very well, we will deliver your order to your room. Please enjoy your stay, Madam.”


Oh, finally, I can lie down on a goose-feather pillow. By the way, mother was not a fan of eggs menu, why she ordered an egg? And is there a golden duck?


I don’t know how long I fall into a nap until I heard a couple of knocks in the door.

“Come in.” Mother answered it gently.

With a soft crackling noise, the door opened, and I could hear a couple of footsteps, almost noiselessly entered the room. Were they assassins? Eee…? Did they cry?

“My Lady, is that you? Hu…! We missed you so long!”

They walked fast and hugged my mother. Both were ladies, young ones perhaps. They cried on Mother’s shoulders.

“Girls, hey, am I not here right now?”

“Will you leave again?”

“Yes, I am only here for a moment.”

“Don’t say you come to say goodbye to us, My Lady?”

“No, of course not my girls. We are leaving for Nephele Village in Bedivere, which is far East on Glaedwine’s border.”


“Yes, I and little Eiwa.”

Mother took me up, “Here Eiwa, let me introduce you to two beautiful sisters, this is Paulina Hyacinthe or Lina the Silver Swan, and this is Marija Hadewig or Mari the Golden Duck. They are our family’s closest friends.”

“Eh, is this the Young Master?”

“Let me hold him, O, look how handsome he is. He looks like Young Lord Aloys.”

“My Lady, what is his given name?”

“Aloys and I gave him the name ‘Eiwa,’ both his grandmother and grandfather blessed him with ‘Orfeoangus’ and so the family name of ‘Cyril.’”

“What a grand name, I hope he becomes the beloved lord of us that forces away the darkest time and brings us again our long-lost hope.”

“Hey, he is just a baby, and you girls already gave him so much on his shoulder.”

Three of them laughed, and this small room somehow became merry and delighted.

They spoke about many things, and what I knew also getting more and more. The stories and facts that I never heard when I lived in our house in the capital.

Mother also told them her reason to leave the Royal City. Including a plan to settle in any small town within the Duchy of Corrine. But before that, Mother plans to visit Nephele to meet someone.

“My Lady, do you wish to meet the Eastern Star Oracle in Nephele?”

“Yes, I need his help.”

“Well, doesn’t My Lady know the news?”

“What news?”

“That Western Moon Diviner and Eastern Star Oracle have gone missing for more than a month now. Well, nobody knows when the exact time. But about more than a month ago, a wealthy merchant family tried to seek both of their help, but they can find none of them until today. Many people believe that Your Majesty the King has summoned them to Royal City, but since My Lady doesn’t know, it means they also didn’t come to Royal City.”

The room became silent until I heard Mother released a light sigh.

“Then, we’ll just head to South.”