Eiwa 5 – A Baby Without Silver Spoon

Within a kingdom, there were perhaps many intrigues among the nobles. But I’ve never heard anything like that before happened within Glaedwine royalty, at least nothing I mainly felt in that last banquet. If someone wants to harm my family, they shouldn’t miss the change to know more about their target.

Wait, why I sounded like a private investigator?

“Sister Ana, you shouldn’t worry about it. We will do just fine. Who would harm our family, anyway?”

My mother again gave another small laugh.

“You just don’t understand. It’s not within our kingdom, but I am afraid a foreign and old enemy of Glaedwine would make a move.”


“Yes, the last war, we defended against their invasion. You were pregnant and didn’t join the frontline like that stupid man and me. Their offensive, underhand, dirty, shameful war tactics were beyond any despicable mean that I read in history. If not for that stupid man’s heaven-defying strategies, our kingdom perhaps our loss would be calamitous.”

“Sister Ana, so which do you really mean, that husband of mine is stupid or smart?”

“You…!” Lady Adelina became speechless, “You fond of him, don’t you?”

“You don’t?” My mother a giggle.

“Okay… okay…, let we back to the main issue.”

“So, do you mean that old enemy has made their move again?”

“Humph, they always made their moves, but now we caught some of their tails.”

“What you got?”

“They made another invasion plan, roughly in about five or six years until they are ready to move all out. For now, they moved discreetly, so no other kingdoms notice it. But what makes me worry is the hand behind the scene.”

“Someone behind their movements?”

“There are strong hints that made us believe the opposite is not possible.”

Lady Adelina took something from her pocket and gave it to my mother.

“This is…?”

“Yes, a sect insignia.”

“The Black Antlers Sect of the Mysterious Cloud Peak.” Mother heaved a sigh.

“Worthy of our Dean of Classical Scripture Division. But you don’t look worried about it?”

“Two sects fighting for supremacy within our Wine Empire. The Black Antlers Sect of the Mysterious Cloud Peak and the Bright Eagle School of the Hundred Celestial Canyon. Both already in wars for centuries. But by the Thousand Sects Alliance’s Treaty, they cannot meddle with mortal kingdoms’ affairs. So, even the Black Antlers Sect support our enemy secretly, they still cannot joint any open aggression to our kingdom. That’s why I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“Despite that, an immortal sect could give secular power a boost that we cannot imagine.”

“Well, according to your source, shouldn’t we still have a five to six years before the war broke out. We still can make preparation.”

“You sound very optimistic.”

“As long as the sect’s powerhouse won’t take part directly, we still have hope.”

“Will he return by then?”

“I don’t know.”

A melancholy voice, the first time I heard it from my mother. Well, I wish I could cheer her up. But as a good baby, there was at least a thing I could do, and I enjoyed myself for a milk-time.

Their conversation continued for more than an hour, and I heard many facts and secrets of our kingdom. Well, since I am a prince anyway, there would be no problem listening to any of it, wouldn’t there?

But there was a moment where this conversation worried me.

“I’ll have to leave all this matter to you, Sis Ana.”

“Yes, I know. You still need to raise little Eiwa after all. But, I still can find you at the academy, if not, which man would give me advice in this time of precariousness.”

“Ah, I am afraid I won’t be able to help too much. Since we’ll be leaving the capital city.”

“Eh…!” A high pitch yell almost made me deaf, I also almost spew the sweet milk.

“Easy Sis, it is not we will leave forever. We are just moving out for a while, at least until Eiwa about three or four years old.”

“Why…? I don’t understand. Do you have some difficulty, speak to your Sis, what I cannot do for you, even if I can’t, it doesn’t mean that His Majesty the King either, he surely …?”

“It is not like that, Sis. But it is for Eiwa. He doesn’t have any royal blood, but His Majesty bestowed him with royalty. I don’t want him to grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth. I want him to grow up like simple and most children in this world. Wealth and standing are not essential for him as a child, on the other hand, they can poison his character. So, I plan to remove this gifted silver spoon temporary.”

“Ah, I understand little sister. I will not hold you back then. But I’ll miss both of you.”

“It will not be that long, and we’ll return in no time.”

“So, when will you leave, and where?”

“Perhaps in a month, I still need to wrap up my resignation from the academy. I can’t imagine absence for more than a year as dean, can I?”

“Eh, you can’t? But the head teacher is your own old man.”

“Still, I should show some respect to the academy itself. It would be irresponsible for me to leave as dean for too long. Someone else should take my place.”

“Heh…, perhaps I should try my luck, who knows I have the chance to take that soon-to-empty seat.”

“You Sis…? Ha ha…, if we talk about other seats, you might have a chance, but for this one, forget it. My seat is not that easy to earn.”

“Well then, forget it. So, where you will move?”

“I plan our destination somewhere in the south. Do you have any suggestion?”

“Well, South …. I think there are many small towns around Corrine. And they are relatively safe and stable.”

“The Duchy of Corrine?”

“Yes, a benefactor of mine live within Corrine. He may know some appropriate place for you; I’ll ask him to find a good place for you. And how about the uncle and aunty, will they go with you?”

“Nope, it just us, me and Eiwa, juts both of us.” I could feel my mother softly smiled at me. “And please, make our identities undisclosed.”



So, the prince shall leave his throne even before he has the chance to sit on it? Well, I couldn’t deny my mother. Love of a mother, huh? She can leave her comfortable life to make sure a son grew well within.

If I could not play for a prince, just let me see if I could play as a trig little village boy then, this would be interesting.

I smiled to myself.